Traded as:
  1. TYO: 7751
  2. NYSE: CAJ

Canon Inc. is an interesting option for those looking to invest in a Japanese company that derives most of its revenue from sales abroad. It’s a multinational manufacturer of imaging and optical products, such as cameras, camcorders, computer printers and photocopiers.

CanonCanon Inc. has a primary listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and a secondary listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

Since the end of 2011, Dutch printer maker Océ has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canon Inc.

Short facts about Canon Inc.

Japanese name キヤノン株式会社
Transcribed name Kiyanon Kabushiki-gaisha
English name Canon Inc.
Company type Public (K.K.)
Traded as TYO: 7751


Index inclusion TOPIX Core 30
Founded In Tokyo on the 10th of August, 1937.
Founder Goro Yoshida

Saburo Uchida

Takeshi Mitarai

Takeo Maeda

Industry Electronics
Area served Worldwide
Headquarter Ōta, Tokyo, Japan


(30-2 Shimomaruko 3-chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 146-8501, Japan)

Subsidiaries Océ
Examples of key products Digital cameras




Magnetic heads

Micro motors

Ophthalmic instruments




SLR cameras

Still cameras

Number of employees 197,673 (2017)


With its global headquarter in Tokyo, Canon Inc. also have regional headquarters throughout the world. The two principal subsidiaries for the European market are Canon Europa NV in Amsterdam and Canon Europe Ltd in Uxbridge, UK.

Canon Inc. is organised into three principal business segments:

Office Business Unit
Consumer Business Unit
Industry and Others Businesses Unit


Recent events

When? What?
March, 2017 Canon Europe announce their acquisition of London-based startup Kite
March, 2016 Canon acquires the Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation for 5.9 million USD.
April, 2015 Canon Europe announce their acquisition if London-based photo sharing startup Lifecake.
April, 2015 Canon completes acquisition of Swedish Security Camera maker Axis Communications.
June, 2014 Canon announce acquisition of Danish IP Surveillance VMS software company Milestone Systems.
February, 2014 Canon announce that they would acquire U.S.- based Molecular Imprints Inc.


Canon has its roots in the company 精機光學研究所 (Seikikōgaku kenkyūsho), known in English as Precision Optical Industry Co. Ltd.

CanonIn 1934, the Kwanon was created – a prototype for Japan’s first-ever 35 mm camera with a focal-plane-based shutter. (This prototype was largely derived from cameras produced by the German company Leica.) The name Kwanon comes from the Buddhist bodhisattva 観音, whose name has variously been transcribed to English as Kwanon, Kwannon, Kuanyin or Guan Yin.

During its early years, the company didn’t have the facilities required to produce its own optical glass and used lenses from Nippon Kogaku K.K. (the later Nikon Corporation) instead.

Examples of notable milestones

1940: Canon develops Japan’s first indirect X-ray camera.

1958: Canon introduces a field zoom lense for television broadcasting

1959: Canon introduces the world’s first movie camera with a zoom lens

1961: Cannon introduces the Rangefinder Canon 7 camera.

1964: Canon introduces the first Japanese made 10-key calculator.

1976: Canon introduces a camera with an embedded micro-computer.

1985: Canon introduces the world’s first Inkjet printer with bubble-jet technology.

1992: Canon introduces a camera with eye-controlled AF.

1992: Canon introduces its first digital camera.

1995: Canon introduces a commercially available SLR lens with internal image stabilization.

1996: Canon introduces a pocket-sized digital camera with the Advanced Photo System.

2004: Canon introduces the XEED SX50 LCD projector.

2005: Canon introduces its first high-definition camcorder.