FANUC Corporation


Traded as TYO:6954

The Fanuc Corporation is listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the TOPIX Core 30 and Nikkei 225. The Fanuc Corporation is a part of FANUC, a group of companies that is chiefly composed of the Fanuc Corporation in Japan, Fanuc American Corporation in the USA and FANUC Europe Corporation S.A. In Luxembourg. Fanuc America Corporation is responsible for FANUC operations in both North America and South America.

FANUC Corporation FANUC, including the Fanuc Corporation, provides automation products and services, such as robotics and computer numerical control systems. FANUC is one of the main makers of industrial robots in the world, and its client list includes many prominent automobile and electronics manufactures around the globe. With approximately 2/3 of the global market, FANUC is the largest maker of CNC controls by market share.

Worldwide, FANUC is present in over 45 countries through 240+ subsidiaries, offices and joint ventures.

One of the reasons why I have chosen to invest in the Fanuc Corporation is because I predict that automation will become increasingly important in China in the years to come, and Fanuc is ideally positioned to supply Chinese manufactures with the products they need for this shift. Fanuc is already a major supplier to Chinese factories and is a very likely partner for the predicted “robot boom” in China. At the time of writing, the Chinese manufacturing industry have about three robots per 1,000 human workers.

Short facts about the Fanuc Corporation

Japanese name ファナック株式会社
Transcribed name Fanakku Kabushikigaisha
English name The Fanuc Corporation
Company type Public K.K.
Traded as TYO:6954
Index inclusion TOPIX Core 30


Nikkei 225

Industry Manufacturing


Area served Worldwide
Founded 1958
Founder Fujitsu Ltd

Seiuemon Inaba

Headquarter Oshino-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
Key products
  • Factory automation (FA) systems

  • Industrial robots

  • CNC equipment

  • Laser systems

Revenue  ¥536.94 billion (2017)
Operating income  ¥153.22 billion (2017)
Net income  ¥127.70 billion (2017)
Total assets  ¥1564.77 billion (2017)
Total equity  ¥1381.80 billion (2017)


The Fanuc Corporation The company name Fanuc is derived from Fuji Automatic Numerical Control. In its early days, Fanuc was the part of Fujitsu Ltd that developed numerical control and servosystems.

It started in 1955, when Fujitsu Ltd asked the young engineer Seiuemon Inaba to head a new subsidiary that would focus on numerical control; a form of automation where instructions to motors were encoded into punched or magnetic tape. After three years of research and development, the subsidiary could ship Fujitsu’s first numerical-control machine to Makino Milling Machine Co.


FANUC Ltd was created in 1972, as the Computing Control Division became an independent entity. At this point, all the ten major CNC companies were located in the USA, but ten years later FANUC Ltd had captured half of the global CNC market.